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Anibee Tv Belajar Bahasa Jepang

5 Must See TV Shows This Fall

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With the return of The Walking Dead, a rebooted version of Charmed and a fourth season of Outlander to enjoy, this fall’s TV schedule has to be one of the best for many years. Whether you have cable TV, Netflix or just regular network TV to watch, you’ll find something to enjoy now that there are more reasons to stay inside than there were during the long summer nights. Although TV companies broadcast a lot of their top shows when they know they’ll have the biggest audience during the fall and winter months, some of the new shows are titinada worth watching. Which of the fall’s new releases should you record on your DVR and which should be avoided?

The Walking Dead

Let’s face it, The Walking Dead isn’t as scary as it used to be. It’s not as compelling either but viewers now have so much affection for Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carol and the others that millions continue to watch the adventures of the survivors who by season eight find other humans much more of a threat than the walkers. Season eight promises an emotional farewell as fans have been told that it will be Rick’s last on the show. Will he live or die? Let’s wait and see, shall we?

Season four of Outlander is another fall show that’s captivating audiences. The Starz show, that’s based on Diana Gabaldon’s historical time travel books, began its run in 2014. Since then, 42 episodes across three seasons have been produced. The fourth season, which like the last two also contains 13 episodes, begins in November. Viewers who’ve read the fourth book in the series will have some clues as to the content of this season but the producers have promised some surprises along the way.

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The reboot of Charmed has a lot to live up to as the original series ran for eight seasons. As before, the new series features three sisters – Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) – who discovered their magical powers and their status as “The Charmed Ones.” These new characters also possess the “Power of Three” and each sister has their own unique magical power in this reboot that promises to outshine the original series in every way.


This fall, Showtime is offering the Jim Carrey led comedy Kidding as one of their main shows. Frank Langella and Judy Greer also feature in the show that’s set in Columbus, Ohio and follows a former kids’ TV presenter as he anchors a multimillion-dollar branding empire. This show is advertised as a comedy-drama so expect as many hard-hitting emotional moments as laugh out loud moments throughout the show’s 10 episodes. Showtime has already renewed this one for a second season.

Mayans MC

If you loved Sons of Anarchy, you’ll enjoy its spinoff – Mayans MC. The next chapter in the award-winning Sons of Anarchy saga concentrates on the Sons’ former rivals the Mayans Motorcycle Club. This new show’s already been renewed by FX for a second season so there’s a lot of confidence that audiences will love the show as much as they loved Sons of Anarchy, which finished its run in 2014. J. D. Pardo takes the lead in the series that’s set two-and-a-half years after the events of Sons of Anarchy.

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Anibee Tv Belajar Bahasa Jepang