Canon Eos M100 Review Fitur Unggulannya – Canon Eos M100 Review Fitur Unggulannya

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy-to-carry camera? And when viewed from the size, appearance and specifications, you are indeed matched with this Canon EOS M100 camera. Try to learn about the kepala features, we will summarize it from Nobuhiko Sonehara, Digital Camera Watch.

Released on October 5, 2017, the Canon EOS M100 which was released on October 5, 2017 is a mirrorless camera equipped with an APS-C sized penapisan. This type is categorized as an entry-level model with a more affordable price when compared to the latest series, the Canon EOS M200. This camera is projected as the successor model of the EOS M10. Okay, let’s just discuss the advantages of this camera.

Review of Canon M100’s Featured Designs and Features

The EOS M100 is indeed suitable for beginners because it still uses a simple and easy-to-use body design. In contrast to the Designs of the high-end models in the series such as the EOS M5 and EOS M6, which feature a wide range of physical controls that will please users but for beginners it can be a headache. So those who like to go for walks while vlogging, or really want to jump into a youtuber can use this camera, Canon EOS M100 or EOS M200 It’s very easy to use to create your channel’s vlog video content.

Body Design

canon m100 design review

In general, the Canon mirrorless M100 still uses the simple but stylish form design of the previous EOS M10 series, which has a beradab body design while retaining traditional camera features or easy-to-use menu button options.

If you want to see the difference with the EOS M10 is in its shape. For example,

  • The edges of the camera body on the EOS M10 are sharper, while on the EOS M100 the edges are rounder so that when you hold it, it feels softer and friendlier.
  • The front finish of the body also adopts a new textured pattern, providing a non-slip grip.
  • These two updates not only make for a combination that looks good, but is practical and will probably please users with smaller hands.
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The camera design comes in 4 color variations, namely: pink, white, black and gray. Although the EOS M10 is also available in a variety of colors (color range varies by region).

Size and Weight

design size canon m100

The dimensions of the EOS M100 are approx. (W) 108.2mm x (H) 67.1mm x (D) 35.1mm, and it weighs only 266g (body only). These numbers make it slightly wider and heavier than the EOS M10 (108.0mm x 66.6mm x 35.0mm, 265g), but the difference isn’t noticeable when you hold the camera in your hand. Looks slim and feels light.

Control and Handling

canon m100 camera handling control

The back-to-front curved design on the top surface allows the user’s fingers to be more comfortable and easier to operate the camera. The frequently used front dial can now be operated with either the index finger from the front or the thumb from the back. With a more compact body design, it is inevitable that the button size will be smaller to fit. However, better ease of use with better finger contact and a clearer click feel make up for button sizes.

From its predecessor EOS kamil, the EOS M100 inherits a sculptural design around the shutter button, which allows your finger to fall naturally on it when you hold the camera in your hand. This is one of the features that defines the EOS M100 as a member of the EOS family. Then with a touch panel that allows control of almost all camera settings via touch screen operation. This includes Touch AF, Touch Shutter, the shooting mode, and white balance settings. Anyway, it’s guaranteed that the EOS M100 is relatively easy to use if you know how to operate a smartphone.

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LCD Monitor

Canon M100 monitor

The EOS M100 adopts a 3.0-inch wide rear LCD monitor with approximately 1.04 million dots and a tilt-up mechanism that allows the LCD monitor to be rotated to an angle of approximately 180°. Designed primarily for taking self-portraits, the LCD monitor’s specifications are on par with the EOS M10. However, unlike the Vari-angle LCD monitors of the EOS M5 and EOS M6, which can be tilted up or down, the EOS M100 LCD monitor is better suited for low-angle shots than high-angle ones.

Built-in flash

built-in flash eos m100

The built-in flash of the EOS M100 is a manually operated pop-up flash with a guide number of approx. 5 (ISO 100, m), covering a wide-angle 24mm The EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS a standard STM zoom lens in the 35mm dimensi.

Film Shoot

make a video vlog eos m100

The Canon Mirrorless M100 is supported by a 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor that can produce detailed images in various lighting conditions. Movie shooting features are also highly developed, and support high-quality Full HD / 60p movie recording. The beautiful bokeh effect created by the APS-C sized pengawasan is characteristic of Canon’s EOS Movie, which has a reputation for movie shooting, while Dual Pixel CMOS AF achieves smooth AF operation as well as excellent tracking performance.

The EOS M100 also uses the latest Combination IS technology, which can produce a stronger correction effect by combining an in-camera (digital) Image Stabilizer that functions during movie recording with a lens equipped with an optical Image Stabilizer mechanism.

Wireless Connectivity

connectivity eos m100

In addition to using Wi-Fi connectivity, for connectivity the Canon EOS M100 already supports Wifi and Bluetooth. but I suggest it’s better to use Bluetooth if you want to transfer photos or videos to a smartphone because it uses less battery power when compared to using Wifi. You can leave your smart device connected to the camera at all times, and the pictures you take with the EOS M100 can be easily passed to your smart device one by one without the need for special operations.
Not only that, by using Canon’s free Camera Connect app and the GPS function of your smart device, you can now also geotag the captured images.

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Power supply

canon m100 battery

The battery compartment is located separately at the bottom of the camera body. The Canon EOS M100 uses one Battery LP-E12, which can be charged using the supplied LC-E12 battery charger. The maximum number of still images that can be captured (battery life) is about 295 shots (CIPA-compliant), while the movie recording time is about 1 hour 20 minutes, so for those of you who want to vlog along while traveling, you can bring spare batteries and memory. Spare cards too.

In conclusion:

As mentioned at the outset, EOS M100 comes with a cooler design than its predecessor with specifications that are on par with high-end models. These are indeed many significant changes and advancements over the predecessors of the EOS M10 Series, with features such as a more sophisticated design and a more powerful image sensor and image processor.

Its extremely easy operation due to the simplified button design, which can be operated easily in the same way as when you use a smartphone, may feel very intuitive to the younger generation of users.

And what’s even cooler is that this camera has a wireless connectivity feature, and using bluetooth is highly recommended because it doesn’lengkung langit use too much battery power. With wireless connectivity you can easily and quickly publish your photos or vlog videos to social media.

Canon Eos M100 Review Fitur Unggulannya