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If you have been reading blogs for any amount of time, you are bound to come across a bunting banner or two. Or 100. They are an adorable way to add color and interest to your home and can be made from a variety of materials. Many times when I’m checking out a cute banner, I’ll see, “Then I cut the pieces with my Silhouette…” and I feel left out. 😉 I haven’cakrawala invested in a Silhouette {yet}, mostly because I’m too cheap, but also because I can’t really justify the purchase when I have been able to create some pretty cute projects using Microsoft Word.

WORD! I know, right? “But Abby, that’s just for typing papers and boring stuff!” Not anymore! I do lots of graphic design projects in Word, {like my pretty labels and personalized monogram} so today I’m going to show you how to make a cute bunting banner and give you some clip art tips along the way.

The Basic Bunting Banner

1. Set Up Your Document

First, open a new document in Word and change your orientation to “Landscape.” I also like to adjust my margins to 0.5″ all the way around. Both of these things can be done using the “Page Layout” tab.

Margins and Orientation

2. Choose your shape.

Next, you’ll select the shape you want your bunting to be. I’m going to go with the standard inverted triangle. Under the “Insert” tab, click on “Shape” and under the section in the roboh down called “Flowchart,” choose the picture of an inverted triangle. {They call it “Merge.”} You could also use a different shape like I did for my son’s Scooby Doo birthday banner.

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Choose Shape_edited-1

3. Adjust size and color.

Once you’ve drawn your shape, you’ll use the “Drawing Tools” tab to adjust your size {I picked 7″ tall by 5″ wide.} and pick your fill and outline colors. I chose pink under “Shape Outline,” and then I filled my shape with a picture, so under the “Shape Fill” drop down, I picked the “Picture…” option.

Size and Shape Fill

4. Add a letter using Word Art.

I want my bunting to say “Spring!” so next I’ll use Word Art to add a letter. Under the “Insert” tab, choose “Word Art.” It doesn’t matter which style of Word Art you choose because we’re going to change it later.

Insert Word Art

The “Enter WordArt Text” Box will appear. Type your letter and choose your font. I used “Curlz MT” font and also made my “S” bold.

Word Art Font

5. Adjust your Word Art settings.

So your letter shows up kind of smushy and not all that awesome-looking, but don’n worry! You didn’t do anything wrong! We’re just going to change some of the settings under the “Word Art Tools” tab to make it look just the way you want it. The first thing you’ll want to do in the “Word Art Tools” tab is click the “Text Wrapping” box and choose “In Front of Text.” This will allow you to move your letter anywhere you want on the page.

Adjust Text Wrapping

Staying in the “Word Art Tools” tab, adjust the shape of your letter. In the “Change Shape” jebluk down, I’m going to choose the straight line, which they call “Plain Text,” so that my “S” doesn’t look squishy anymore.

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Change Word Art Shape

Now you’re ready to move your letter, resize it, and change the fill and outline colors, all within the same “Word Art Tools” tab. My “S” is 4″ tall, 2.5″ wide, and I chose pink for the shape fill and outline colors.

Letter Size and Color

You could just repeat these steps for each piece of your bunting banner, and you would be good to go. If you want to add some Clip Art to beautify your bunting even more, however, read on…

Bonus Round: Adding Clip Art

You’ll find some Clip Art that will be exactly what you’re looking for. In that case, you can just insert it, resize it, and you’re done. Other Clip Art is not as simple.

Let’s say I wanted to add a butterfly to my bunting. Click the “Insert” tab and choose “Clip Art.” Search for butterfly, and click on one that you like. Then under the “Picture Tools” tab, click “Text Wrapping” and choose “In Front of Text” so you can move your image around.

Insert Clip Art

Bonus 1: Recolor your Clip Art.

Next I can resize the butterfly and move it where I want it. I’m not loving the color, however, because it doesn’horizon really match the rest of my banner. Under the “Picture Tools” tab, choose “Recolor,” and you’ll have lots of color options to choose from. I turned my butterfly green to coordinate with my banner’s spring colors.

Recolor Clip Art

Bonus 2: Create a Transparent Background.

Let’s check out one more quick Clip Art trick. This time I want to add some tulips to my banner. I find the ones I want, insert them, and then again go under the “Picture Tools” tab and click “Text Wrapping” and again choose “In Front of Text” so I can put the picture where I want it.

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Insert Tulips

So clearly that doesn’tepi langit look amazing. The white background on the tulips is covering up the “P.” To fix this, I choose the “Picture Tools” tab, again go to “Recolor” and click “Set Transparent Color.” Then I can use the little wand to click on the white background, making it transparent. I’m left with a little bit of border on one side, but I can just crop that out.

Set Transparent Color and Crop

Finishing Touches: Grouping

The last thing I like to do is to “group” my elements together so I can move each banner piece around as one unit. For some reason I have to save my file as a “Word 97-2003 Document” in proyek to group shapes with pictures. After I do that, I can hold down the Ctrl key and click on each item I want to be in the group. Then right click your selection and under “Grouping” choose “Group.”

Group Elements

Yay! You’ve made your very own customizable bunting banner in Word and even learned some Clip Art tricks too!

I printed our bunting banner on card stock, cut it out and put it on some pink ribbon {I’m sure all the males in my household will appreciate that! ;)}, and it was ready to go! I think it brings such a nice pop of “Spring” into our home!

Final Bunting Banner

You can now learn how to make pretty labels in Word, too, with my new video tutorial!

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Do you have any uang sogok or tricks to add?

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