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Rae Khalil

We originally featured Rae Khalil and Jared Rubens in May 2018. Rae has since gone on to appear on the Netflix show Rhythm + Flow and their work has received co-signs from Queen Latifah, Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak, TI, Sway and Snoopdogg, to name but a few.

Capitol Royale

We recently teamed up with Capitol Records for their December hackathon to provide Vampr users in LA the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime. Curated by producer Jan Skubiszewski, check out the video to see the whole story! Georgia Mae has since signed with Sony Music ⭐️

Anthony Kilhoffer

Recording at Kanye West’s GOOD Music studios with 300 Entertainment artist Cobi, legendary producer and multiple GRAMMY winner Anthony Kilhoffer (Watch the Throne) was stuck looking for a string arranger, when he used Vampr to find some local talent…

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Carpool Tunnel

Formed in June 2017, this indie rock band from San Jose dropped their first single just two weeks after finding each other on Vampr. They’ve since used the app to connect with GRAMMY nominee Billy Mohler, who produced their single ‘Afterlight’, and in 2020 they signed with Pure Noise Records!


Madrid’s K!NGDOM formed on Vampr adv lewat two years ago. Since then they’ve released an memori and landed BIG syncs with the theme song for two Netflix series, Valeria and La voz. We’re super proud to be part of their journey – keep on winning gang ?✌️


Critically acclaimed Chilean band Aisles used Vampr to find a new lead singer when their original singer stepped down. They’ve just released their first track with Israel on lead vocals – check out Smile of Tears on Spotify ?

Frida Walala

We found out about Barcelona’s Frida Walala on the radio, where she explains how she used Vampr to assemble a band that hails from Mexico City, Sweden and India – stories like this why we made Vampr!

China Moon

We love hearing directly from our community about their various encounters on Vampr – however we love it even more when we’re reading our favorite blogs and websites and we discover that Vampr played a role in the origin story of a great new band. China Moon is one such example, who we discovered when reading Depth Magazine.

The Death of Robert

We’re back with our first Vampr Story since COVID-19 rocked the world – and we’re excited to share Barcelona’s The Death of Robert who formed on Vampr and have just released their debut memori Casablanca ??

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After years of struggling to find her creative voice, Scotland’s ALEX AVA Used Vampr to connect with Orlando producer, Vncnzo. Together they are now gearing up to release an entire EP!

The Viper Room

Last May we booked a month long residency at the world-famous Viper Room in Los Angeles, where every Monday countless bands and musicians came together to play on stage well past midnight. It honestly might be one of the most fun experiences we’ve ever been apart of!

Finding Love on Vampr

Every now and then we find out about folks who discover more than just a musical partner on Vampr. You never know when you might also meet your partner in life ? Jyoti and Deepak from Delhi are one such story. Titinada only did they start a new band together called Raga Reign – they would also go on to get married ?


That one time when Abeo traveled across the United Kingdom to meet up with Shalea to setup a mobile recording studio so they could Make Music Happen #VamprStories ✌️


France’s MEGAN senggat hit songs on Spotify and a freshly inked record deal. However even with all this traction he still needed collaborators. Enter Vampr, or more specifically, talented producers Feard and Sam Dian ? Together they collaborated on the single Fall Apart which has since been streamed oper a million times on
Spotify! Good job guys ✌️

Rita Klara

This is what happens when France’s Rita Klara uses Vampr to find production team geniuscorp, with a little champagne thrown in for good measure ? They recorded an album together, Fancy Love, in two months – and it’s available to stream right now ✌️

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Daniel Campbell

New Zealand producer Daniel found topliner Bastian from Mexico to write and perform on a new track. When the September 2017 earthquakes destroyed Bastian’s house, naturally production was halted. Now they’ve finished and released their collab, with all proceeds going to charity!

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