Download Droidcam Client for Windows and Linux

Download Droidcam Client for Windows and Linux

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Using this application on your phone, you can use your droid cam to link to your phone’s browser and to set up an IP camera for Skype or Google+. It works as a second set of eyes on your phone’s screen. The program is very simple.


  • As the main feature, it provides users a webcam for connecting to Skype or Google+ as well as video chat between sound and image.
  • Video chatting isn’kaki langit just the highlight of this app; you can set up your phone as a IP webcam so that it can spy on your spouse in case she’s away during the day, or even keep tabs on what your dog goes into while he and she aren’cakrawala in
  • It has the aim of saving batteries and space as much as possible in recording and sending in order to aid lagging reduction.
  • If your high intensity settings are high you will have the option of switching to HD mode or regular mode.Video and sound of a high quality.

In my opinion, this app is really well done for many purposes because it has just adv lewat 2 million downloads. Dev47apps is excellent at getting bugs removed quickly.

Among other things, this software allows you to use it titinada only as Skype webcams, like the ichat, but as an IP Webcam, like Spycam or Nannycams, as well.

If you want to conduct video calls on your computer, your applications must be installed, as well as the USB connection to the computers where they are plugged in. For you to operate an IP webcam remotely, your phone must have data enabled, or be connected to the Internet.

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What I needed to connect to my iPhone that app for my computer to connect my pc to my pc to my android app. It didn’tepi langit take long for you to set up this program and it was easy to use. When one goes adv lewat the other two smoothly, I no longer feel like I need to spend much time repeating things. In bestelan to do so, I really would recommend doing so.

It is easy to use webcam software with DriodCam. It takes the same amount of time and effort in order to install Droid Cam as it is for many new gadgets. When it comes to Droid cams, I prefer DroidCam.The application I need so that I can use Skype, Zoom, etc. may come to me from the program store. With DroidCam, you can perform many functions much easier, as there are a number of steps and getting to work would be more difficult. It’s one of the best products I’ve ever used.

Excellent application for mobile phone usage. A few apps do appear to be at or close to the quality of Droidcam, and some have been just as good as others previously. it lets you use your phone as a webcam rather than a video recorder with no dalam video recording device on your computer. USB or a lan or wifi connection is acceptable. As a result, I had a remote job interview I was able to save for later. as well. The app never did anything differently as I found it very simple to use.

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Download Droidcam Client for Windows and Linux