Malaysia Tunda Peluncuran 5g Hingga Akhir 2022 Karena Alasan Ini

Malaysia Tunda Peluncuran 5g Hingga Akhir 2022 Karena Alasan Ini

Malaysia was supposed to be one of the first countries to roll out 5G in the Southeast Asian region with a alamat to launch commercial services in Q3 2020. Due to a change of direction and a series of delays, Malaysia’s 5G rollout only started in late 2021.

Today, YTL Communications’ Yes 5G is the first and only telco to offer commercial 5G services in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the big four telcos such as Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile have yet to offer 5G services to its users. How did we get here? What is Digital Kewarganegaraan Berhad‘s role as a Single Wholesale Network (SWN)?

Watch our video for a recap of what has happened so far.

Here’s a timeline of Malaysia’s 5G journey since 2019:

Early 2019 – Telcos begin live 5G trials in Malaysia

  • Maxis is the first telco to conduct live 5G trials in Malaysia
  • Celcom kicks off Malaysia’s first 5G Live Cluster Field Trial in Petaling Jaya
  • Malaysia rolls out 5G demo projects in six states beginning Oct 2019
5G Malaysia

Jan 2020 – Malaysia announces consortium approach for 5G

  • Malaysia 5G bands announced, 700MHz & 3.5GHz allocated to one entity
  • Here’s why some 5G bands are not assigned to telcos in Malaysia
  • Tun Mahathir: Malaysia on track to rollout 5G in Q3 2020

Feb – March 2020 – Change of government, 5G plans up in the air

  • Gobind Singh no longer Minister of Communications and Multimedia
  • Saifuddin Abdullah is M’sia’s new Communications and Multimedia Minister
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June 2020 – 700MHz allocation and retraction

  • Why did Saifuddin Abdullah assign 700MHz 5G spectrum to 5 telcos?
  • Saifuddin Abdullah retracts 700MHz 5G spectrum assignment proyek
  • Gobind Singh responds to 700MHz spectrum assignment controversy

August 2020 – PM Muhyiddin launches JENDELA

  • PM announces Tingkapan to boost broadband access, 3G shutdown by end 2021

November 2020 – Malaysia to focus on 4G improvements, delays 5G rollout to late 2022 or early 2023

  • Malaysians will have to wait for 2 more years for 5G rollout

February 2021 – Malaysia decides to roll out 5G by end 2021 via a government entity

  • 5G Malaysia: Full commercial rollout by Q4 2021, single govt entity to handle spectrum and infrastructure

March 2021 – MOF introduces Digital Nasional Berhad as Single Wholesale Network

  • Malaysia’s 5G SPV is Digital Nasional Berhad, Ralph Marshall appointed as CEO
  • Finance Minister: Malaysia’s RM15 bil 5G infrastructure cost to be borne by private sector

July 2021 – DNB appoints Ericsson as 5G vendor

  • DNB appoints Ericsson to deploy Malaysia’s 5G network, 80% population coverage by 2024
  • GSMA raises concerns over Malaysia’s 5G rollout
Ericsson 5G

August-November 2021
– Criticism and concerns about Malaysia’s single wholesale network 5G approach

  • PM appoints Annuar Musa as Malaysia’s new Communications and Multimedia Minister
  • Pejuang Youth: State-run 5G rollout via DNB could hurt Malaysia’s digital economy
  • Pakatan: 5G rollout via DNB is a risk to Malaysia, calls for debate in parliament before implementation
  • DNB promises to deliver 500 5G sites by end-2021, 100Mbps at weakest coverage point
  • DNB completes world’s first 5G RAN trial integration with five telcos
  • Annuar Musa: Malaysia aims to make 5G services more affordable than 4G through DNB
  • After govt delays 5G for over a year, Tengku Zafrul says telcos failed to deliver 5G under a private-led consortium
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Yes 5G SIM Pack

December 2021 – DNB’s 5G network goes live, offers free access to telcos

  • DNB: Telcos can provide 5G access for free until 31 March 2022
  • Govt might scrap DNB’s single 5G wholesale network transendental
  • GSMA: Single wholesale acuan for 5G will threaten Malaysia’s digital competitiveness
  • Muhyiddin: Changing DNB’s SWN model for 5G will pose reputational risks to the government
  • YTL says it will be the first telco to launch 5G services with Digital Nasional Berhad
  • Zahidi Zainul: RM20 bil DNB 5G plan was discussed in secret, MCMC couldn’ufuk explain why there’s a monopoly
  • DNB’s 5G network goes live, TM and YTL first to offer 5G services in Malaysia
  • DNB signs RM2 bil fibre leasing deal with TM for its nationwide 5G deployment
  • Malaysia’s 5G network first impressions: It still requires a undian of work

January-February 2022
– Big four telcos propose Dual Wholesale Network

  • Yes is offering 5G SIM packs for free, here’s how to redeem yours
  • TM has no actual date for consumer 5G trials, removes February target for Unifi Mobile
  • Due to 5G delays, Malaysia’s average mobile speed now lags behind Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • 5G Malaysia: Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile want to form a new consortium to deploy 5G
  • DAP MP asks MCMC if proposed Dual Wholesale Network for 5G would see private telcos focusing in cities while DNB is left with rural areas

March 2022 – Malaysia decides to continue 5G with the SWN komplet

  • Malaysia decides to continue 5G rollout with DNB as single wholesale network, offers 70% stake to telcos
  • DNB extends free 5G network access to telcos mencicil 30 June, encourages big four telcos to sign up
  • Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile are open to take equity stake in DNB via Mergers and Acquisitions process
  • Yes extends free unlimited 5G data offer until further notice
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April 2022 – DNB publishes RAO but is not accepted by telcos

  • DNB publishes Reference Access Offer, 5G wholesale to cost telcos RM30K per Gbps monthly
  • Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile: DNB’s access offer will not enable affordable and quality 5G services

Malaysia Tunda Peluncuran 5g Hingga Akhir 2022 Karena Alasan Ini