Membaca Surat Ar Rahman

Membaca Surat Ar Rahman


The Accelerated Reading (AR) program encourages students to read on their own, at their own pace. It’s used in public and private schools, from kindergarten through high school, though it is used most frequently in grade schools. The online reading and testing program can help students who are struggling to read, though the thinking behind it is about the love of reading. Accelerated Reading’s philosophy is that any student will enjoy reading more when they can select their own books. We’ve delved into how the program works and how to prepare for its tests

How the AR Program Works

Students select books and take a quiz when they have finished the book. They have plenty from which to choose, with more than 150,000 titles on the AR BookFinder list. However, to narrow the choices down, teachers assess students before they mulai the AR acara and assign them a reading level. Students are then assigned to a level of reading in the BookFinder list that will challenge them appropriately. Assigning such a level is a concept called a zone of proximal development (ZPD).

Once they select a book, students read it on their own. AR guidelines suggest 30 minutes of reading masing-masing eksklusif student per day. Once they finish reading, they take a quiz specific to the book.

This reading practice quiz, which is commonly called the AR test, determines whether the reader has understood the book. It is a short, multiple-choice online quiz that can also be taken in Spanish or read aloud. Teachers can use the reading practice quiz results to determine students’ levels, track their progress and set goals. They can use quiz results to help students find books that are appropriate for their reading level.

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Students usually stay at their assigned level for a prescribed time. At the end of that period, they take a 20-minute reading assessment that indicates whether they should stay at the same ZPD or have it moved up or down. They may earn points based on the number and difficulty of the books they read. Points help them graduate from a level.

Tips on Taking the AR Test

Generally, students who do well with comprehension will pass AR tests, because the quizzes measure understanding of books read, not just the ability to state passages back. There are several ways that students, their teachers and parents can help elevate comprehension.

One relatively simple approach is for parents to ask students as many questions about the book as possible. This will help the student think about the book in ways they may not have previously. Questions can follow along the lines of who, what, when, where, why and how.

Ways for Students to Increase Comprehension

Another technique that students can use to polish their comprehension is to be quizzed at intervals about four times as they read the book. A timer can be set for this. At each stopping point, the student draws their answers in worksheet boxes labeled first, then, next and last. An alternative is to draw pictures in boxes that are numbered one through four. By doing this, students learn to think of a story more in structural terms of beginning, middle and end. They can also strengthen their sense of character development and setting, all of which can help them succeed on the book tests.

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How Parents Can Help

Parents may ask teachers for a sample of the type of quiz that their child will take once they’ve completed a particular book. It will give parents a sense of typical questions at a particular level. Students should also be sure to select books at their designated reading level, not higher. They may be ambitious and want to succeed, which is admirable, but they should stick with their assigned level so they do not become frustrated at a level that may be slightly beyond their reach.

Students can build their test-taking confidence by reading shorter books at their level and taking the associated quizzes. Not every book needs to be a chapter book, and reading shorter volumes can help increase readers’ confidence once they ace the associated quizzes.

One experienced first-grade teacher has her students read a book five times before taking the test for it. And guess what? They all pass the test.

Parents should not be afraid to ask questions to give children the best chance to succeed. With some practice and these tips, students can pass the AR test with confidence.

Membaca Surat Ar Rahman