Pengumuman Snmptn 2022 – Pengumuman Snmptn 2022

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Podcasts have evolved adv lewat the last 10 years. Instead of just a few captivating stories here and there, this form of entertainment is now as popular and varied as TV. While there have been quite a few magnificent podcasts — both new releases and fresh seasons — we can’cakrawala list them all. So, here, we’re focusing on a few that are really making waves or hitting their strides in 2022. With captivating stories and engaging hosts, these 10 titles are the best podcasts of 2022 — so far.


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What is an educator’s role?
Belonging, a podcast from the Belonging Collective, offers a refreshing take on this question. Host Erica Young’s rich voice and compelling storytelling draws listeners in as she explores what it means to belong, and how educators can create spaces where all students feel welcome. Young intertwines stories from students and educators with superb audio engineering that immerses the audience in an experience that is as emotionally evocative as it is informative.

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Scams, cons, robbery and fraud are at the heart of this hilarious podcast hosted by amiable actor Laci Mosley. Although
Scam Goddess
has been around since 2018, it truly hit its stride in 2022. So far, Mosley has chatted with noteworthy guests like Monét X Change, Kevin Fredericks and Jonathan Van Ness, all while covering stories about scams that will make listeners clutch their pearls
chuckle at the same time.

Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

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There’s so much information about health on the internet, which makes it challenging to separate fact from fiction. Thankfully, Dr. Jen Gunter is here to set the record straight with
Body Stuff. Although the podcast began in 2021, this year’s sophomore season is particularly interesting.

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So far, the podcast has tackled topics like metabolic function, prescription drug prices and food allergies, just to name a few. Dr. Gunter and the experts she interviews offer up fresh perspectives on common body issues, giving listeners an opportunity to comprehend complex scientific topics more thoroughly. And, in the end, that helps us all understand ourselves a bit more.

Sounds Like A Cult

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Imagine sitting with your friends after a night on the town and talking about a wild cult story you heard. Well, that’s what
Sounds Like A Cult

feels like. This podcast is a fascinating ride that, each episode, explores different fringe movements. The charismatic co-hosts, Isa Medina and Amanda Montell, then decide whether or titinada these groups or movements — like SoulCycle, for example — qualify as cults. The podcast examines human behavior in an approachable and conversational way, making it the perfect listen for anyone who’s captivated by such stories.

Normal Gossip

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According to the host of
Normal Gossip, Kelsey McKinney, there’s nothing wrong with a little gossip. As you might expect, this podcast gives listeners a great dose of gossip — without the personal connection. Kelsey chats with guests about their relationship with gossip and shares anonymous tea with the audience. It’s decadent, hilarious and totally satisfying.

Sweet Bobby

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Sweet Bobby
“utterly compelling” — and, once you’re engrossed in the story of Kirat and Bobby, you’ll agree. Their tale “started as a love story, but turned into something much darker” (via Tortoise Ki alat). Intrigued? Well,
Sweet Bobby
follows the sweethearts from their initial Facebook spark and dreamy honeymoon phase to a heartbreakingly nightmarish end. The way this podcast reveals the twists, turns and secrets will have you on the edge of your seat.

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Borderline Salty

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Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martínez are magnificent chefs with sparkling personalities — and that makes them the perfect hosts for
Borderline Salty. The long-time friends and collaborators came together to create a fun space to bedak about food, all while sharing a glimpse into their friendship. The weekly podcast launched this year and has already been quite well received by dishing up cooking advice and pairing it with a side of this dynamic duo’s quirky comedy.

Project Unabom

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You’ve probably heard of the Unabomber — but have you heard the whole story? Host Eric Benson delves into the Unabomber from the perspective of his brother, the FBI and even Ted’s writings. Although this story has been covered by several different outlets,
Project Unabom
provides exclusive interviews as well as new reporting from an award-winning journalist. Undoubtedly, this eight-episode deep dive into what led up to the infamous domestic terrorist attack will have you glued to your Airpods.

Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast

Photo Courtesy: Sistas Who Kill

MaRah and Taz host
Sistas Who Kill, a true crime podcast that centers stories that involve Black women. The hosts’ irreverent humor and thorough research uniquely illuminates these (often untold) stories. Titinada to mention, they’re a breath of fresh air in the true crime space, but the stories they cover have all of the usual trappings of murder and intrigue that fascinate true-crime listeners. Although this podcast debuted in 2021, it’s truly hitting its stride and creating some great buzz this year. And rightly so — it’s an absolute gem.

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The Antidote

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This honest and optimistic podcast, which is hosted by the effervescent Amy and Grace, opens with the piercingly truthful statement — “the world is a dumpster fire” — and then proceeds to make us belly laugh, thanks to all the hosts’ charming banter and sharp social commentary. In every adegan of
The Antidote, the hosts share their feelings about current events, but this commentary is punctuated by interviews with phenomenal guests. Just as the name implies, it’s a feel-good podcast that’s sure to brighten up your day.

Pengumuman Snmptn 2022