Status Saver Apk

Status Saver Apk

For some needs, the status on some social media must be downloaded. For example as documentation, evidence, and so on. Download App
Harga diri Saver Apk
is the right choice solution to use.

Unlike posts on the timeline, stories are quite difficult to download manually. Therefore, you need the help of other applications to do this. For more details about the gengsi saving application, see the following discussion.

About Status On WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

Status saver whatsapp IG and facebook

Before discussing
Pamor Saver Apk, you must know how a WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook status works. The status or story feature has existed since the Blackberry Messenger era. After its prestige faded, the feature was then adopted by Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The three social alat angkut mentioned above are made by Metaverse. Even though they come from the same place, each has its own characteristics. Here are some of the differences in status on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

1. Instagram Stories

The Instagram story feature is a favorite among young people. You can create stories with gift features, running text, sound effects, and various unique filters. This variety of features is what makes many people interested in using it. Not infrequently, public figures also take advantage of
Status Saver Apk
to promote.

2. WhatsApp Stories

Regular WhatsApp and Business type have the same story feature. Story uploads can disappear within 24 hours, automatically. Users can delete them without having to wait for the time to run out.

You can create stories in a day without limits, and download them with apps like
Status Saver Apk. Be it words, photos, to videos, you can upload this feature. In the writing feature, there are several choices of fonts and different color backgrounds. As for photos, you can edit them first without additional applications.

3. Facebook Stories

Unlike Instagram, all stories on social wahana can be seen by all accounts that are friends. The features are actually as complete as Instagram. You can upload posts, pictures, videos, questions and answers, polls, and much more.

The three types of stories have the same features. In addition to titinada being able to last permanently, this feature also has a short duration. However, stories are currently considered more effective than feed posts because they can be autoplayed.

Know the Definition of Status Saver Apk


Definition of Status Saver Apk

Applications were created as a solution using technology more efficiently. Including state savers. The purpose of this tool is so that users can save stories, especially on WhatsApp, to the intern memory practically.

Users only need to download one of the selected status saver applications. After that, just sync it with your WhatsApp account or other social kendaraan like Instagram, Facebook, and even Tiktok.

Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp do not have a download button. In fact, if the content is interesting, users will definitely be interested in downloading it. Especially if the martabat content is crucial or full of information.

Status Saver Apk
consists of several uses. Besides being compatible for downloading on WhatsApp, other platforms can also use this application. However, the type of harga diri saver is different, depending on the social media platform.

Harga diri or stories are titinada permanent. Usually within 24 hours, the upload in the story will disappear automatically. Therefore, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook do not provide special download features.

In fact, the story is actually very interesting in terms of content. Although short, the majority of social media users would prefer to see stories than posts in feeds. The reasons for users to download status include:

  1. For post documentation, which will usually be used at a later date
  2. Downloaded stories with
    Status Saver Apk
    for example, will be re-uploaded on a personal account without screenshots or screen recording
  3. As evidence, for example for sahih purposes or other things that need digital trace evidence
  4. An alternative to getting uploaded content, without the need to browse and search for it in the file manager
  5. Looking for post material by downloading stories or statuses that are considered interesting

Exploring the Various Advantages of the Interesting Gengsi Saver Application

5 Advantages of status saver apk

Using the app
Status Saver Apk
to download the story is the right decision. The various types, interesting features, and light specifications are the advantages that you can get. More details for the various advantages of the application, will be reviewed below.

  • Downloading Stories Without a Long Process –
    Downloading stories can actually use the help of websites, or file managers. Unfortunately, the process is long. You need to go in and out of several applications and the steps are also quite long. There is an application
    Status Saver Apk
    is a surefire solution. Without a long process, downloads can be directly in storage memory. With just one application, you can use it for a long time.
  • Easy to Get Applications –
    Unlike the manual process, downloading with an application is quite practical. In addition, it is also easy to obtain. Applications are available on the official website and tribune. Just search with the keyword Harga diri Saver, a variety of options will appear. Even though it’s easy to get, don’t make the wrong choice. Look for those whose security is guaranteed by looking in the user comments column.
  • Versatile Variety –
    In addition to coming with attractive performance, various types of
    Status Saver Apk
    can be selected as needed. You can look for special applications to download WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram stories, with various options. There are applications that do not require login access, there are also very fast performance, and so on. Adjust to the capacity of the internal memory, as well as your favorite.
  • Bertentangan Lag, Lightweight To Operate –
    Even though the function is to download, don’falak worry if the application lags easily.
    App Prestise Saver Apk
    This is designed to make it easier for users because of its light capacity. The way it works is also simple, making it very easy for users, even for beginners.
  • Safe, Suitable for All Users –
    There are several types of applications that require login access to an account. Do not immediately think that this is dangerous. These gengsi savers and their various types are designed with security in mind. You can still log in, without worrying about your account being stolen.
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Any Kind


Which Status Saver Can Be Used?

Many think that
Pamor Saver Apk
can only be used on WhatsApp. In fact, this type of application is also compatible with other types of social media. Every social media comes with a performance-adjusted prestise saver. The options you can use include:

  1. Status Saver for WhatsApp

The application for downloading stories on WhatsApp works in a unique way. You simply enter the tool, then look for the account whose gengsi you want to download. Of course, the choice of type
Status Saver Apk
there are several special types for WhatsApp.

Just adjust it to your liking for the preferred application options. Don’t forget, before downloading, condition the storage memory and RAM. Without relief capacity, prestise videos will certainly be difficult to download even if you use the best applications.

  1. Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram is a social kendaraan whose story feature is loved. Besides being rich in features, users can also use many unique filters. No wonder, young people like it very much, and the download of stories is also done with some
Status Saver Apk

  • Story Saver for Instagram
  • Story Save App – Download App
  • InSaver App for Instagram – Story Assistant
  • Applications Download Videos from Instagram
  • Regram App – Repost for Instagram

The way this application works is titinada so complicated. You just need to download, then enter into it. Automatically, a special download button will appear. You can use this button immediately.

  1. Facebook Story Downloader

Filters, editing tools, and various other advantages are in Facebook stories. If you want to download it, type
Harga diri Saver Apk
suitable as a mainstay tool, with options such as the following:

  • “Facebook Video Downloader”
  • “InShot Facebook Video Downloader”
  • “Facebook Video Download”

Actually, there is also a Tiktok pamor saver app. However, specifically for Tiktok, it is actually equipped with an automatic download feature. Usually users look for specialized downloading apps with the aim of removing the app watermark.

5 Custom Status Saver for WhatsApp

For those who want to download WhatsApp stories,
Gengsi Saver Apk
suitable for use. This type of application comes with a variety of options. Each type has unique features that are ready to download status anytime, anywhere.

1. Status Downloader, Video and Photo Downloader

Status Saver Apk

Name Status Saver – Image & Video Martabat Downloader
File Size 4.3 MB
Version v1.5
Support Android 4.4+
Price Free
Developer Apps Montage
Download Link Click here

The main feature of this application is the ease of sharing downloaded results. Users can save various WhatsApp statuses quickly. In addition, your friends’ WhatsApp statuses are also easy to see, without worrying about lag.

The leading application for downloading status quickly puts martabat in gallery either photo or video prestise. Observe gengsi arrive to save martabat app and tap to save or resend directly with harga diri downloader app. it’s easy to save quick repost and share status option is in save prestise app.

2. Status and Sticker Saver

Status and stickers Saver

Name Harga diri, Sticker Saver
File Size 6.6 MB
Version v2.22.3.14
Support Android 5+
Price Free
Developer Lazy Geniouz Pvt. Ltd.
Download Link Click here

Downloading status via this application is also very easy. Moreover, there are many features that make the application even more superior. There is a multi save, repost, share, and erase post feature. You can also enjoy the post re-upload feature, without the hassle of saving it first.

How to Use this harga diri saver app?

1 – Check Desired Status/Story…
2 – Open App, Click on any Status to View or Use Multiple Options…
3 – Click the Save Button…
Status directly saved to your Gallery!

3. Pamor Saver for Whatsapp WA

Status Saver for Whatsapp WA

Name Martabat Saver for Whatsapp WA
File Size 4.5 MB
Version v2.39
Support Android 4.1+
Price Free
Developer Shree Ganesha Labs
Download Link Click here

In addition to the ease of downloading status videos, the type of
Prestise Saver Apk
it also comes with other advantages. One of them can share and download images, GIFs, and videos belonging to other people. The display of the application is very interactive, which certainly makes it easier for users.

Save Prestise for Whatsapp app allows you to download photos images, GIFs, Videos new prestise features of the new Whatsapp 2022 Application Stories.

Status downloader allows to share directly from app to save your friends stories and WA martabat editor

Explore daily new trending harga diri short videos and prestise update story builder on whats download website.

4. Save Video Status for WhatsApp

Save Video Status for WhatsApp apk

Name Save Video Status for WhatsApp
File Size 21 MB
Version v1.0.13
Support Android 7.0+
Price Free
Developer BrownHat Labs
Download Link Click here

You can get the save and delete martabat download feature in this application. Uniquely, every WhatsApp contact posts a status, an update will be given to you. Simple and easy system settings are the main advantages, which can compete with similar applications.

The save status application is the best save story application for WhatsApp. Harga diri downloader can easily save your friends stories on WhatsApp. WhatsApp martabat downloader with this status downloader app.

Save status allows you to get WhatsApp status video downloads. Save status for WhatsApp is a free WhatsApp status downloader. For video status, you don’falak need to install the WhatsApp downloader application, just use this apk.

Download WhatsApp to get save gengsi using this application. Status downloader apps also work with WhatsApp for business. First, you have to download WhatsApp and berangkat downloading gengsi videos.

The application will automatically display the status you have seen. Step by step using this application is so easy, perfect for those of you who want to be practical.

What Are Custom Status Savers for Instagram?

Martabat Saver Apk
you can also enjoy for Download Instagram Stories. There are many Instagram story features. Both in terms of filters, gifts, and the like are very interesting to download, with several types of gengsi savers such as:

1. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram apk

Name Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader
File Size 12 MB
Version v1.1.2
Support Android 5.0+
Price Free
Developer UseApps
Download Link Click here

This application with an attractive interface makes it easy for you to download stories practically. You must first enter the Instagram application, then find the desired account. When entering this application, the download feature will be available so that the download process is more practical.

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2. Story Save Application – Download Application

Story Saver App

Name Story Saver
File Size 13 MB
Version v1.100
Support Android 5.0+
Price Free
Developer Sara Tech
Download Link Click here

Prestise Saver Apk
This can be obtained free of charge, without conditions. Although free of charge, the features available are quite interesting. Starting from the free download of various stories from multiple accounts, to the automatic download feature. Unfortunately, this application is only compatible for download accounts that you follow.

Story Saver Apk Features:

  • Fast way to save stories from instagram
  • Repost or repost instagram stories
  • Download stories to your phone and save videos in phone memory
  • Browse stories from your feed or even search for stories from a user

3. InSaver app for Instagram – Story Assistant

InSaver for Instagram - Story Assistant

Name InSaver for Instagram – Story Assistant
File Size 6.7 MB
Version v1.3
Support Android 4.2+
Price Free
Developer 100 inches
Download Link Click here

Story Save- Story Downloader for Instagram can download, save and repost Instagram stories or Instagram highlights. With our story saver app, you can download stories from people you follow or search for by name. After logging in with Instagram, you can put any Instagram story freely.

To use this application, you must first log into your personal account. After logging in, the application will display various stories with a download button. You simply press the button, to download the desired pamor.

4. Applications Download Videos from Instagram

Download Videos from Instagram

Name Download Videos from Instagram
File Size 11 MB
Version v1.9.8
Support Android 4.2+
Price Free
Developer ETM Video Downloader
Download Link Click here

The status of the accounts you follow can be downloaded more easily. The application file size tends to be light, friendly for those with intern memory limits. In addition, the performance of the device is also not so burdened.

Users only need to press the download button once, to save Instagram stories. Downloads will be directly placed in a special folder. You can also directly share downloads to multiple platforms, with just one tap.

Custom Gengsi Saver for Facebook

Stories are also provided by Facebook, with features similar to Instagram. No wonder there are similarities. Facebook and Instagram are applications from Metaverse, of course there are similarities in the story feature, and can be downloaded with several status saver applications.

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

Video Downloader for Facebook

Name Video Downloader for Facebook
File Size 18 MB
Version v2.4.4-googleplay
Support Android 5.0+
Price Free
Developer ETM Video Downloader
Download Link Click here

Status Saver Apk
This particular Facebook has a major advantage in its speed. In addition, users can also download videos with large capacity. There are also language features that can be adjusted to the user’s abilities.

You don’ufuk have to bother copying URLs to download videos. Just enter the application, video posts can be downloaded, as well as for stories. In terms of the quality of the downloads, this application produces clear HD videos.

2. InShot Facebook Video Downloader

InShot Facebook Video Downloader

Name InShot Facebook Video Downloader
File Size 12 MB
Version v1.8.5
Support Android 6.0+
Price Free
Developer InShot Inc
Download Link Click here

InShot discussed here is not an application for editing videos. You can download various Facebook stories with light tools with
Prestise Saver Apk
. In addition to supporting multiple downloads, users can also share their downloads with other users.

The downloaded video story has an attractive quality. It is supported in HD format, and can be used even if your cellphone has a specification limit. The download kecondongan is also easy, just enter the application and press the download button.

3. Facebook Video Download

Facebook Videos Download

Name Facebook Videos Download
File Size 8 MB
Version v4.5.6.9
Support Android 5.0+
Price Free
Developer FastVid
Download Link Click here

Facebook Video Download is an application for downloading posts of various types. You can download stories, posts on the timeline, to fanpages. Already available HD format that makes quality downloads.

Users also do not need to copy and paste links. Videos can be saved directly, after clicking the download button. In addition, you can also monitor download progress by
Status Saver Apk

Easy Ways to Use Status Saver for WhatsApp Application

Easy Ways to Use WhatsApp Status Saver

Even though on the WhatsApp mimbar there is no automatic download feature, you can still download friends’ stories with the application. The martabat saver application comes with unique features, and is easy for anyone to use. To use it, just follow these few steps:

  1. Use
    Status Saver Apk
    as a tool of choice to download your friend’s story
  2. Open this lightweight application, then press the “Grant” button
  3. Press the allow option, then wait for the main dashboard to appear on the screen
  4. Immediately ignore if “Whats New” appears. This feature is only useful for viewing application updates
  5. You have entered the application, it’s time to choose the story you want to download
  6. Press your choice, select the icon in the lower right corner, look for the “Save” button
  7. If you want to save, press the button, and wait for the process
  8. However, if you want to repost, just press the repost option
  9. There is also a “Set As” option. For this option, you can use a story in the form of an image as wallpaper in this chat application

This application to download stories is titinada limited to storing images and videos. You can apparently repost, share, and even use WhatsApp friends’ stories as wallpaper. Don’t miss out on these unique features, without downloading them.

WhatsApp application does not only consist of one type. There are several options that have different features, although they still use the same name. You can use this application to download stories both on regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, to WhatsApp Gb.

Easy Ways to Use Status Saver for Apps


Status Saver for Instagram App

Prestise Saver Apk
can also be used for Instagram ki alat. Its main function is to download stories, reels, IGTV, and even feed posts. How to use it to successfully download the story is also easy, namely:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded one of the types of status saver applications
  2. After one of the application options has been obtained, it’s time to log in and log in with your Instagram account
  3. The application display will show some of the account posts that you follow
  4. To download stories or posts, directly select the account you want
  5. Tap the photo or video in the account’s story, then press the save button, wait for the process to finish
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Pamor Saver Apk
you can also download private accounts. The condition is, you must follow the account, in bestelan to see the posts. It is necessary to follow first, because without this, the application does not work.

Actually, with a web address, you can still download any story or post on Instagram. Unfortunately, sometimes the website has problems. There are also those who immediately take down Instagram for violating the provisions.

In addition, you can also get Instagram story downloads through screen recording. There is a screen recorder feature on all smartphones. But if you want to use the recorder feature, make sure the privat memory has sufficient capacity.

The results of the screen record are also not so optimal. The sound is louder, the picture or video is broken. Titinada only that, notifications that appear on the screen from other applications will also be recorded. This will reduce the quality of the downloaded video.

Using the app is the perfect solution. Indeed, you have to download, and prepare free space on the intern memory. Even though it’s complicated in the first stage, for long-term use, the application is still the champion.

How to Save a Facebook Story?

Facebook Stories

The Facebook story feature hasn’tepi langit really been booming for too long. The relatively new facility from this platform is an adaptation of Instagram. The two big social ki alat are under the same manufacturer, it’s no wonder if the similarities in features are definitely visible.

Saving Facebook stories can use a special application. You only need to do a few steps, so that the videos in that section can become a private collection. Follow these steps if you want to use the app to download stories.

  1. Make sure you already have a Facebook post downloader app
  2. Download the app, then open it and try logging in
  3. After logging in with a personal Facebook account, the main screen of the application will appear
  4. Application
    Status Saver Apk
    this, will display the download feature
  5. Select the post or story you want, tap and press the download button
  6. Wait for the download process to complete, don’t skip the process so you can immediately anticipate if a masalah occurs

Just like Instagram, you can actually download stories via screen recording. However, the recording results are considered less than optimal. Especially for the sake of re-uploading.

In addition, there is a special way for you to download images in posts. Just press the image in the Facebook post. After that, press a few moments on the image you want to download, and click save.

Status Saver Apk
is the ultimate solution for stories, because you can only save images. You don’lengkung langit need to use any other features to get the download. If you want to download video stories or posts, you should free up memory until there is enough capacity.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp gengsi without an application?

Whether to save stories, only with the app
Status Saver Apk? Actually the stories that you see on WhatsApp are automatically stored in the internal memory. However, the file is hidden in the file explorer section.

This is what causes stories not to appear in the gallery. Even though the status is stored in the dalam memory. You can use this condition to save the status without the application. The method is simple, with the following steps:

  1. First, the bahan’s martabat will be saved by viewing it first
  2. After that, exit WhatsApp and open the file manager
  3. Hidden marks will automatically be visible to all, including those from WhatsApp
  4. Usually these hidden files are named with a dot prefix.
  5. Find WhatsApp hidden files. The contents of this file are voice notes, documents, photos, and videos from various chats, groups, to stories.
  6. Look for the Media menu in the WhatsApp section, then switch to the Statuses section. Through this section, a number of photos and videos from the story will be seen
  7. In order to enter the storage, copy the desired photo or video to Camera or another directory
  8. You can also create a new file with the name you want
  9. Without the hassle of using the application, the status can enter the internal memory with the provision of a file manager

Indeed download stories without
Pamor Saver Apk
easy to do. However, there are times when the video or photo from the status is not automatically saved. To be more concise, we recommend using a special application so that stories can be downloaded quickly, without having to browse the file manager.

Is it possible to save Facebook and Instagram stories without an app?

Download Instagram and Facebook stories without an application

Facebook and Instagram stories can actually be saved without a Gengsi Saver. You can take advantage of the website. However, it is not always freely accessible. Some website addresses have problems with Instagram.

There are several website address options that you can make an alternative. The way it works is pretty much the same as
Status Saver Apk. However, you have to be extra careful when using it. Look for websites that are safe, malware-free, and don’t lag.

In addition, the website does titinada always function normally. You still need an application so you can download stories at any time without any problems. In addition, not all statuses from the desired account can be downloaded via HTML.

You can’tepi langit download the private account prestise. Unlike the app, all statuses can be downloaded, and the process is very easy without going into a browser. While using the HTML address, you have to go into the browser, type the website address, copy and paste the link, then the download process is successful.

Whatever you’re going to use, make sure it’s safe. If you want to use
Prestise Saver Apk, make sure the application is guaranteed. Try to see the preview first in the comments column. If many user comments are bad, we recommend looking for a more secure application.

download status saver form apk –

Status Saver Apk